About us

Smart use of timber

Stiga RM is one of the leading timber companies in Latvia, uniting five group companies under a single brand, successfully operating in several areas – logging, woodworking, metalworking, as well as timber transportation, and real estate development. By implementing targeted investments in development and high-value-added products, we have made it one of our priorities to modernize production and introduce new technologies at all levels of the group, which will guarantee also future growth. Continuous improvement and automation of production processes also ensure better working conditions and a modern working environment for factory workers.

Stiga RM group companies

Under a unified family brand, five Group companies operate:

  • Stiga RM – sustainable forest management, logging, production of roundwood logs, energy chips, and birch plywood
  • Stiga RM Distribution – sale and deliveries of self-produced birch plywood
  • Stiga RM Transports – roundwood transportation services throughout Latvia
  • Stiga RM Metāls – metalworking, manufacturing of metal products, and repair of forest machinery
  • Stiga RM Nami – development of apartment buildings for the needs of company employees.

We are reliable partners, who value tradition, but always look to the future!