Purchase of felling sites and forest properties

Let your forest be reborn into high-quality products

In recent years, an increasing number of forest properties and logging sites have come under the ownership of foreign investors, whose intentions for forest utilization are often unclear or unpredictable. As producers and processors, we prioritize maintaining independence from raw material supplies and planning our activities for the long term. Consequently, we are actively investing in property acquisitions and will continue to do so in the future. This strategy aims to provide us with maximum flexibility and ensure the responsible management of Latvia’s forest land. Our goal is to add land and forest properties throughout Latvia to our portfolio, securing the highest possible prices for landowners while contributing to the overall sustainability and responsible stewardship of forest management in the region.

Reliable cooperation partner

Thanks to modern production and added value, we are able to offer the best possible price to forest owners, with a commitment to manage the property and felling sites we buy wisely and to the best of our abilities.

  • We make the payment in full within one business day of signing the contract – this applies to purchases of felling sites, as well as forest land, including in cases where the purchase involves the division of property.
  • Our knowledgeable forestry experts will promptly assess the property and the felling site, as well as answer any questions you may have.
  • We will take care of all the paperwork and costs related to the forest sale, up to the registration of the ownership right in the Land Registry.


Get to know our forest property procurement specialists!

Jānis Ozols

Forest property procurement specialist

Reinis Patmalnieks

Forest property procurement specialist

Rolands Lipskijs

Forest property procurement specialist

Kalvis Liepa

Forest property procurement specialist