To be able to provide high-quality products to our customers, while at the same time constantly increasing the capacity of our annual operations, Stiga RM continuously invests resources in the construction of modern factories equipped with the latest technologies and in the improvement of the existing infrastructure.

Birch plywood mill in Kuldiga

All production lines here are new – up to 5 years old, with a high level of automation. Most of the equipment is made by Finnish manufacturer Raute, a global leader in plywood production technology. Technology helps us to be more efficient, to ensure higher precision and product quality.

Metalworking factory in Tukums

Here, active work on the production of metal building structures and production equipment for the needs of the group is in progress. Our experts ensure a complete production cycle – from design to production.

Construction of a production plant for acoustic wood-wool cement boards (WWCB)

By expanding its activities in the production of higher added-value products, the construction of a new factory of acoustic wooden boards in Tukums was commenced in 2023. The world’s most modern factory will open in 2026, ensuring the production of high-quality, modern, sustainable, and environmentally friendly wooden products for the domestic and export markets. The investments in the implementation of the project will amount to more than EUR 30 million.